Sri Lanka High Commission in Kenya plants 100,000 trees and mobilizes 1,000,000 more to commemorate Sri Lanka's 75th Anniversary  of Independence 

Sri Lanka High Commission in Kenya plants 100,000 trees and mobilizes 1,000,000 more to commemorate Sri Lanka’s 75th Anniversary  of Independence 

The Sri Lankan community in Kenya led by High Commissioner Veluppillai Kananathan planted 100,000 trees on Tuesday, 31 January 2023, in the Export Processing Zone in Nairobi in commemoration of Sri Lanka's 75th anniversary of independence on February 4, and to extend support to Kenyan President William Ruto’s campaign to plant 15 billion trees in Kenya by 2032. The Export Procession Zone in Nairobi is significant as it houses Sri Lankan investments such as three garment manufacturing factories, including Mass Holdings, Hela Clothing, New Wide Apparels, etc., which have employed over 30,000 Kenyans in the textile industry. Other locations includes Karura forest.

The Board Chairman of the Export Processing Zone Authority of Kenya Ben Oluoch Olunya, who represented the government of Kenya at the event stated that the  Sri Lanka High Commission was the first diplomatic mission in Kenya to extend support to the Kenyan-President-led progressive tree-planting campaign in Kenya and thanked the Sri Lanka High Commissioner’s initiative  and the community for the exemplary contribution towards the tree-planting campaign in Kenya. He added that the trend has been set for the diplomatic community to follow suit.

During the event, High Commissioner Kananathan mobilized a further 1,000,000 trees from the Sri Lankan community to be planted in the month of February to show solidarity with the host country.

President Ruto launched a nation-wide tree planting campaign in an effort to help raise Kenya’s tree cover to 30 percent by 2032 and to help reduce the adverse climatic change that is ravaging Kenya. President Ruto also called on the international community to support Kenya’s effort to increase its forest cover and help address the negative effects of climate change, including the rise of heat and droughts.

Sri Lanka and Kenya have been enjoying excellent bilateral relations for over five decades rooted in historical connections. Both countries are working closely on global issues of concern, especially on the mitigation of climate change-related issues, including through reforestation. While Sri Lanka attaches great significance to her relations with Africa and in particular with Kenya, the Sri Lanka High Commission’s gesture of goodwill to plant trees to mark the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Sri Lanka's independence adds further impetus to the growing ties between the two countries.

High Commission of Sri Lanka


02 February 2023


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