Overseas Administration Division

Description of Division /Areas of work:

The primary function of the Overseas Administration Division (OAD) is to facilitate the smooth functioning of all Sri Lanka Missions/Posts abroad by providing required resources including human resources, financial approvals, and guidance with regard to the day to day functions. Furthermore, management of movable as well as immovable assets in our Missions abroad and supervision of the day to day communications between the Ministry and its network of Missions around the world are also a part of the responsibilities of the OAD.

Sri Lanka presently maintains 50 Embassies/High Commissions, 02 Permanent Missions to the United Nations, 01 Deputy High Commission, 01 Representative office, 11 Consulate General offices and 01 consulate office abroad which adds up to 66 active missions abroad.

Sub Divisions/Sections

There are four subdivisions under the OAD, namely

  1.  Human Resources Management Section
  2.  Travel
  3.  Information Technology Section
  4.  Security Mail Section

Human Resources Management

Managing human resources attached to Overseas Missions/Posts is the crucial responsibility of the OAD. Mainly this section deals with transfers of officers from/to Missions from the Sri Lanka Foreign Service, Public Management Assistants and transfers of other Departmental officials.

Further all aspects related to human resources management of the Missions are also handled by this section.

Travel Section

Travel Section which is coming under the purview of the OAD facilitates visas and ticketing arrangements for other Ministry’s official visits. This Section also handles the payments of necessary travel allowances and other entitlements of the officers in the Ministry and the Missions.

Security Mail Section

The Security Mail Division deals with the dispatch and collection of diplomatic bags to and from all Sri Lanka Missions/Posts abroad, and ensures timely delivery of materials and items to the relevant divisions of the Ministry.

Information Technology Section

The IT Section of the Ministry is the nerve center which connects the communications from Sri Lanka Missions/Posts abroad, from other organizations and entities in Sri Lanka and abroad, to/from the Ministry.


Head of the Overseas Administration Division

Name Designation Telephone Email Fax
Mr.Sarath Dissanayake Director General 2388680 sarath.dissanayake@mfa.gov.lk 2424689


Other Staff Officers :

Name Designation Telephone Email
Mr.Senarath Dissanayake Director 2329588 senarath.dissanayake@mfa.gov.lk
Ms.Sesath Thambugala Deputy Director 2320271 sesath.thambugala@mfa.gov.lk
Mr.Niranga Paipana Assistant Director 2337540 niranga.palipana@mfa.gov.lk
Ms.H.M.B.P Herath Assistant Director 2452210 buddhi.herath@mfa.gov.lk
Ms. Nirosha K. Herath Assistant Director 2452210 nirosha.herath@mfa.gov.lk
Ms. M.A.C.A Weerasinghe HOB/OAD 2438733 oad@mfa.gov.lk
Mr.J.M.G.Jayasundara HOB/Travel 2328753 travel@mfa.gov.lk
Mr.Y.A.N Kalapriya HOB/Security Mail 2328671 smail@mfa.gov.lk
Mr. E. Sooriyapperuma HOB/IT 2323015 cipher@mfa.gov.lk