Sri Lanka at the Travel and Vacation Show in Ottawa

Sri Lanka at the Travel and Vacation Show in Ottawa


The Sri Lanka High Commission in Ottawa operated the Sri Lanka booth at the Travel and Vacation Show which was sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism Development, Wildlife & Christian Religious Affair’s of Sri Lanka.

The Ottawa Travel and Vacation Show, which took place from March 30th to 31st, 2019 at Shaw Centre in Ottawa, attracted more than 17, 000 prospective travellers for the purpose of preparing their trips, discovering new destinations and seeking expert advice on their future holiday destinations. More than 45 countries were represented at this event through their tourism offices, tour operators and travel agents.

During the event, all visitors to the Sri Lanka booth were provided with maps, brochures of Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau and samples of Ceylon tea bags sponsored by Basilur Tea Canada. The Sri Lanka booth showcased tourist attractions, illustrating the rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, wildlife, providing an ideal opportunity for prospective visitors to catch a glimpse of what Sri Lanka has to offer.

Sri Lanka’s participation at this show is expected to boost the number of tourists from Canada to Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka High Commission
01 April 2019

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