Consulate General in Sydney celebrates Tripitakabhivandana: Tripitaka Week with the Sri Lankan Temples in Sydney

Consulate General in Sydney celebrates Tripitakabhivandana: Tripitaka Week with the Sri Lankan Temples in Sydney

Katoomba Buddhist Vihara2

In addition to the Dhamma Discussion held at the University of Sydney, Consulate General of Sri Lanka celebrated Tripitaka Week or Tripitakabhivandana with the three Sri Lankan temples in Sydney.

Consul General Lal Wickrematunge and the staff visited the first Buddhist temple to be established in Australia, Katoomba Australian Buddhist Vihara which is located in the Blue Mountains on 11th March 2019. Established in 1972 the temple is currently headed by Ven Kudagala Kovida Thero. Consul General briefed the Thero about the importance of the Tripitaka week in the process towards inscribing Tripitaka on the UNESCO Memory of the World Register. Ven Kudagala Thero made a special statement appreciating the Sri Lankan Government initiative and the paramount importance of preserving Tripitaka containing priceless and timeless teachings of the Lord Buddha.

The Consulate General together with the Schofield Lankarama Buddhist Vihara held a special programme for Tripitaka on 17th March 2019 during the monthly Sil Programme of the Temple. Chief Incumbent Venerable Rajakeeya Panditha Meegahakumbure Dhammagavesi Thero narrated to over 200 devotees who were present, the history of Tripitaka after Lord Buddha and the role of Maha Sangha throughout centuries to protect and preserve the Buddhist scriptures and emphasized the timely importance of preserving Tripitaka as National Heritage and the UESCO Memory of the World Register to prevent the Dhamma from being distorted which appears to be so in recent times. Venerable Thero praised the Government and the Consulate General for taking up this initiative to protect Lord Buddha’s teachings and for keeping the Sri Lankan community abroad informed of the steps taken by the Sri Lankan Government in this regard. Venerable Rajakeeya Panditha Meegahakumbure Dhammagavesi Thero was offered Atapirikarata at the end of the special sermon.

On the same day 17th March 2019, the Consulate General held another special sermon based on Tripitaka with the Mahamewna Buddhist Meditation Centre in Sydney, with the guidance of Ven Katusgastota Soma Thero, performed by Ven Polgahawela Ananda Maithri Thero. Proceeding stated with worshipping Lord Buddha with Gilanpasa Buddha Poojawa prepared by the Consulate General staff and the devotees joining in.

Ven Polgahawela Ananda Maithri Thero, described Dhamma, teachings of Lord Buddha being compiled as Tripitaka, 4 councils held to refine and protect Tripitaka, composing of the scriptures or the writing the Tripitaka on ola leaves for the first time and immense efforts of Maha Nayaka Thero to publish Tripitaka in Sinhala and Pali on the occasion of the 2500th Anniversary of passing away of Lord Buddha. Ven Thero commended the efforts of H.E. the President of Sri Lanka, the Government and the Consulate General in continuing the tradition of protecting Dhamma. The Special sermon was well received by the audience at the end of which the Consulate General served devotees with light refreshments.



Consulate General of Sri Lanka
1 April 2019  
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