Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Exhibition held in Shanghai

Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Exhibition held in Shanghai

A Sri Lankan Gem and Jewellery Exhibition was held at The St. Regis Hotel in Shanghai between 22 to 23 March 2023 with the participation of Zam Gems Sri Lanka under the patronage of Sri Lanka Consulate General in Shanghai.

At the exhibition, Sri Lankan gems which included blue sapphires, pink sapphires (rubies), Alexandrite and Cat’s-eye Chrysoberyl were displayed. In addition, a variety of jewellery including necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets which were crafted using above mentioned Sri Lankan gems and stones were also exhibited.

The Chairman of Shanghai Jade and Gem Exchange Simon Chan participated in the event with his team of officials and reputed Chinese buyers.  In addition, many other buyers across China, Gem and Jewellery traders, gem collectors, members of Shanghai Diplomatic Corp,  expatriates as well as other interested parties and visitors were present at the event.

Further, the Consulate used this opportunity to promote Sri Lanka tourism by displaying and distributing Sri Lanka tourism brochures among prospective gem buyers, members of Diplomatic Corp and visitors while responding to tourism related queries.

This event, which was the 01st Gem and Jewellery exhibition held in Shanghai in the aftermath of the opening up of Chinese borders (ending months long Covid-19 restrictions), proved to be a huge success

Consulate General of Sri Lanka


24 March 2023

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