Meeting between Ambassador Godfrey Cooray and Managing Director of Norwegian Lobster Farm

Meeting between Ambassador Godfrey Cooray and Managing Director of Norwegian Lobster Farm

Ambassador Godfrey Cooray met the Managing Director of Norwegian Lobster Farm Asbjøn Drenstig, a leading Businessman in Lobster farming in Norway.

Mr. Drenstig has also involved in the Sri Lanka-Norway Business matchmaking programme as an Advance Partner with the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and had done a case study on “Evaluation of Norwegian Business-related Assistance”

Ambassador Cooray discussed with Mr. Drenstig of the potential and importance of enhancing the Fisheries sector corporation in Sri Lanka including Aquaculture while getting Norwegian expertise Knowledge. As the former Chairman of NARA, he shared his experiences with Mr. Drenstig on implementing several aquaculture and fisheries projects with several counterparts in the world. Mr. Drenstig expressed his interest on implementing a large Prawn farm where Sri Lanka has a huge potentially in Chillaw, Puttalam, Negombo and Udappu.

The Ambassador highlighted his initiative on establishing the “Business Forum” of the Official website of the Embassy and suggested Mr. Drenstig to submit a feasibility report with a solid plan to start a business in Sri Lanka. Further, the Ambassador promised to extend his fullest corporation and assistance with regard to his new investment giving the assurance from Board of Investment (BOI) and other legal bodies.

Mr. Drenstig expressed his sincere appreciation to the Ambassador and invited for a field visit to his Norwegian Lobster Farm in Stavenger, Norway.

The Second Secretary Samanmali Atalugama, Business Development Officer Rosie Jones and Personal Assistant to the Ambassador Chintha Fernando attend the meeting.

Embassy of Sri Lanka


31 August 2020


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