Ambassador Meets with the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association

Ambassador Meets with the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association

Ambassador Godfrey Cooray had a meeting with the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association. Chief Executive Officer Harald Solberg and Helene Tofte Director, International Cooperation and Climate represented the Norwegian Ship Owner’s Association.

Mr. Solberg briefted on the Ship Owner’s Association and stated that it is a trade and employment organization for Norwegian controlled companies within the shipping and offshore industry established in 1909. The primary fields are national and international industry policies, employer issues, competence and recruitment, environmental issues and innovation in addition to safety at sea.

Ambassador Cooray highlighted that Sri Lanka has a huge potential on the Ship and Boat Industry. Further he conveyed that there are many people and Private sector companies who can afford maintaining Ships in Sri Lanka as “ABC Shipping, Ceyline Group, COSCO Shipping Line Lanka, Sr Lanka Shipping Company and Sea Horse Shipping.

Ambassador also stated that the trade is the engine of economic growth for any country. Therefore, countries around the world strive to improve cross border efficiencies and enable international trade to happen immaculately. The Government of Sri Lanka identified the need to reform its trade policies and practices to support a business-friendly environment, promote private sector growth and use the strategic position of Sri Lanka with the new concept of “Saubhagye Dakma” of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

The Ambassador further emphasized the potential of Sri Lankan Shipping companies to be involved in crew operations, supplying fuel, and other logistics during transshipments. He also stated that Sri Lanka encourages the international maritime organizations to get the advantage of the strategic location of international airports. Further, Sri Lanka was able to come to the aid of the international shipping community by being a safe location for facilitating the change of ships’ crew, which is critical for the safe operation of ships.

Mr. Solberg expressed the interest of entering into an agreement in the area of crew operations of ships. Norway already has agreements with Asian countries as Philippines in this field.

Further Mr. Solberg explained that Norwegian shipowners, offshore enterprises and supplier companies are well positioned to take a larger role in the renewables market, including offshore wind and Battery Power.

The Second Secretary Samanmali Atalugama and Business Development Officer Rosie Jones attended the meeting.

Embassy of Sri Lanka


31 August 2020




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