Brazilian Technical Assistance to Dairy and Sugarcane industries in Sri Lankaa

Brazilian Technical Assistance to Dairy and Sugarcane industries in Sri Lankaa

High-Level Technical Team of eight professionals from the Federal University of Viçosa, Federal University of Sao Carlos and the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) is scheduled to undertake a technical visit to Sri Lanka with a view to providing Brazilian Technical Assistance for the development and capacity building of the Dairy and Sugarcane industries in Sri Lanka, from 09 to 21 June 2023.

The Technical Team is scheduled to undertake field visits and inspection tours in Udawalawe, Kandy, Mawanella and Kurunegala etc. to identify problems associated with the Dairy and Sugarcane industries and to provide technical solutions to increase capacity and the production of the two industries in Sri Lanka.

In order to finalize the programme and the other arrangements of the visit, the Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Brazil, Sumith Dassanayake had a meeting with Nelci Peres Caixeta, General Coordinator for Technical Cooperation for Asia, South Africa, Middle East and Oceania of the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, on 25 May 2023 at the ABC headquarters in Brasilia. The Ambassador also discussed on the possibility of expanding Brazilian Technical Assistance to other areas in Sri Lanka, as well.

The First Round of Political Consultations between Sri Lanka and Brazil was held on 28 November 2022, under the Memorandum of Understanding on Political Consultations between the two countries signed on 07 March 2011, and during the Political Consultations, Ambassador Sumith Dassanayake and the other Senior Officials of the Sri Lankan side requested the Brazilian delegation to expedite the process of providing Brazilian technical assistance to Sri Lanka.

The senior officials of the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) and First Secretary (Commercial) of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Brazil Chathurika Perera were associated at the meeting.

Embassy of Sri Lanka


30 May 2023


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