'UN, forum where global issues can be discussed' - Deputy Foreign Minister

‘UN, forum where global issues can be discussed’ – Deputy Foreign Minister


Deputy Foreign Minister Neomal Perera yesterday said that Sri Lanka is of the view that the United Nations must play a role, as it has the legitimacy to deal with pressing global economic governance and development related issues. "With 193 Sovereign States, the UN has the collective mandate and is the major forum where we can discuss global issues of concern and find ways and means to meet the needs and challenges in this century', he said.

The deputy minister was speaking at the interactive debate on Lasting Peace through Joint Global Governance at the XVI Non Aligned Summit's Ministerial Summit in Tehran yesterday. As clearly recognized by the General Assembly in Resolution 65/94 on the United Nations in global governance, there is a "need for inclusive, transparent and effective multilateral approaches to managing global challenges" he said.

The Deputy Minister stressed the need of having strengthened the United Nations framework for enhancing coordination to bridge gaps, and build consensus on efficient and effective solutions for global economic, social and environmental issues. Accordingly, there is an urgent need for a substantive and comprehensive reform of the UN and the international economic and financial system and architecture. These include policies, mandates, scope and governance to better enable it to respond and prevent financial and economic emergencies, effectively promote development and equitably serve the needs of member states - particularly developing countries.

He said that the International Financial Institutions in particular, must have a clear development orientation. These international institutions need to be more efficient and representative of our world. Regrettably our members are not fully represented in international bodies and institutions.

Therefore while seeking such membership by the countries, our Movement must work in unison and act in an efficient manner for the collective good of our people. "This inclusiveness gives us legitimacy to ensure and shape a global governance structure that is efficient, open and representative", he added.

The Deputy Minister said that any action by the states in the global arena must be in full conformity with the UN Charter and respect fundamental principles of international law. It is our firm belief that it is vitally important to insist that the structures and procedures of multilateral organizations are uniform and consistent while being devoid of discrimination.

"Similarly we believe that in the context of post conflict environments, it is the government of that country which is best placed in evolving a home grown solution acceptable to all of its citizenry", he stated.

He said the NAM Movement is the single largest collective grouping in the world, embracing two thirds of its people and being the "conscience" of humanity. "One issue that we must collectively address is the unresolved and tragic plight of the Palestinian people.

NAM should continue to work to bring freedom, justice and statehood to the Palestinian people, so that they can live in peace and dignity", he said.

The Deputy External Affairs Minister said that Sri Lanka reiterates its continuous support in finding a lasting solution to the Question of Palestine.

Source: Daily News (30th August 2012)

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