Sri Maha Bodhi sapling presented to Nyaungdone Monastery in Yangon

Sri Maha Bodhi sapling presented to Nyaungdone Monastery in Yangon


A handing over ceremony of sacred Bo saplings was held at the Nyaungdone Monastery on 09th December 2010 at 4.00 pm. by 90 member Sri Lankan pilgrimage group led by the chief monk Rev. Assaji Thero. Bo sapling that was brought by the group was presented to the Chief Syadaw Bhadantha Thawbana of the Nyaungdone Monastery by Nirmala Paranavitana, Charge d ‘ Affairs of the Embassy of Sri Lanka. Myanmar monks from other monasteries in Yangon and devotees of the Monastery and the staff of the Embassy were also present at the ceremony.

The two Bo-saplings, are from the ancient Bo-tree from Anuradhapura (Jaya Sri Mahabodhi) and the other sapling from Buddhagaya, India. The significance was highlighted by the Bhadantha Naraga Biwuntha of the Hla Yadana Monastery in Yangon as, “this is a unique event that a Sri Lankan pilgrim group presenting a sapling of Sri Mahabodhi to a Monastery in Yangon.” The sacred saplings will be planted in the Nyamaw daw monastery for the visiting Myanmar and Sri Lankan nationals to pray.

The Embassy of Sri Lanka coordinated the presentation ceremony with the delegation and the Monastery and a dana ceremony, (alms giving) will take place on 16th of December for the visiting Sangha Nayakes at the Ceylon House, Sri Lanka Embassy in Yangon.

The delegation consist of 90 members ( 19 Chief Buddhist monks and 71 lay persons) which could be counted as the first group of pilgrims visiting Myanmar of this size. Among the members 17 chief Sanga Nayake’s from Galle, Hamabatota, Colombo, Nawalapitiya, and Giriulla are present. The delegation will visit to Bagan and Mandalay which are Buddhist holly sites in Myanmar.

In 2008 Nyaungdone Monastery donated Golden Umbrella at the Swarna Kyaiktiya Temple near Makutharama Myanmar Temple in Sri Lanka. In March 2009, once again donated a Flag mast at the Swarna Kyaiktiya Temple. The Chief Sayadaw appreciated the kind gesture shown by the delegation by thoughtfully presenting a Bo-sapling as a souvenir from Sri Lanka.

Embassy of Sri Lanka

10th December 2010

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