Sri Lanka participates in the World Cultures Festival 2023 in Ankara, Türkiye

Sri Lanka participates in the World Cultures Festival 2023 in Ankara, Türkiye

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Ankara participated in the World Cultures Festival 2023 programme held on 22 and 23 September 2023 at the Cermodern premises. The festival was organized by the Ebrişem Group and supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Türkiye.

The festival consisted of country-specific stalls that showcased culture, various types of on-stage performances, and video screens. This year, the festival was also joined by the local cultural organizations, foreign diplomatic missions, international cultural centers, universities, artists, academics, and media.

The stall of the Embassy of Sri Lanka showcased Sri Lanka's unique cultural identity through art, handicrafts, batik, traditional costumes, photographs of nature, culture and Ceylon Tea. Sri Lanka demonstrated traditional Sri Lankan bridal attire and other traditional costumes made with handloom fabrics and batik on stage, which received accolades from the audience. The Sri Lanka stall attracted many Turkish and other foreign visitors who were keen to try out Sri Lankan traditional dresses.

The embassy also made a brief presentation on Ceylon tea highlighting the unique features and diversity of the beverage with depictions of tea cultivation, processing of Ceylon Tea,  and its history of over 155 years. Ceylon tea was also served during the event.

The festival served as a platform for the embassy to promote cultural diplomacy among Turkish nationals and other expats, in addition to promoting tourism and Sri Lankan products.

Over three hundred participants from 55 embassies took part in the event while the festival attracted around 700 visitors.

Embassy of Sri Lanka


26 September 2023


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