Sri Lanka Embassy in association with KITA hosts Trade & Investor Forum in Seoul

Sri Lanka Embassy in association with KITA hosts Trade & Investor Forum in Seoul


The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Seoul together with the Korea International Trade Association (KITA), one of the largest and leading business organizations in Korea, arranged a Trade and Investor forum dedicated to Sri Lanka on 17th February 2012. The forum was successfully held at the KITA Headquarters and enjoyed the participation of more than 80 Korean companies. The forum hopes to attract prospective Korean investors to Sri Lanka and provide supplementary knowledge and awareness to Korean companies about the potential business opportunities available in Sri Lanka.


In his opening address, Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Korea, Mr. Tissa Wijeratne, stated that existing bilateral commercial relations between the two countries do not quite reflect its full potential. Therefore, he invited Korean companies to invest and conduct more trade with Sri Lanka during this present period when the economy is booming after the end of a three decade long civil conflict. Mr. Kim Chee Jong, the Executive Managing Director of KITA, also reiterated, in his opening remarks, about the importance of Sri Lanka as an emerging market from the perspective of Korean companies and invited Korean companies to harness the maximum benefits.

One on one business meetings regarding specific interests in investment or business related ventures in Sri Lankan were further discussed and detailed information covering trade and investment were presented. Companies were also invited to attend the Sri Lanka EXPO to be held from 28th to 30th March 2012 in Colombo. Kengnam Company, a leading Korean company in Sri Lanka for the last three decades explained their experiences along with two other Korean investors who have been successful in Sri Lanka. The participants highlighted their experiences in relation to Sri Lanka’s investment climate and sought to boost the confidence of Korean companies gathered at the forum.   

Embassy of Sri Lanka

20th February 2012

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