Palestine “Travel” First Issue Presented – Boosting Tourism

Palestine “Travel” First Issue Presented – Boosting Tourism


The Editor cum Treasurer of Palestine Society for Tourist and Travel Agents (PSTTA), Ms. Suhaila Yousif Presented a copy of the first issue of the Society’s publicity magazine to Dr. T. Jayasinghe, Representative of Sri Lanka in Palestine at the Sri Lanka Representative Office in Ramallah.

PSTTA is a very active group of travel agents in Palestine that promotes tourist to all parts of the world. Its members are very close to Sri Lanka and take great pains to encourage Palestinians to visit Sri Lanka.

“Travel” magazine is a very attractive publication with information to guide a prospective tourist to find the correct destination along with many travel tips.

Writing about Sri Lanka “Travel” magazine goes to state, “Sri Lanka, a teardrop-shaped island cast adrift in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is filled with cultural and natural treasures. Indian, Portuguese, Dutch and British eras have all left their mark, making for a delightful mix of ancient cities, monuments and atmospheric colonial architecture. At the same time, palm-fringed beaches are never far away and mountainous greenery beckons inland. It’s clear to see why Marco Polo proclaimed Sri Lanka to be one of the best islands in the world”.

Last year a group of 11 travel agents were in Sri Lanka as guests of Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau and on their return they promoted a large number of groups and individuals to visit Sri Lanka. It is strange to say that some Palestinians who wanted to visit Sri Lanka in December last year could not find hotel accommodation.

Palestinian tourists to Sri Lanka find it difficult to find flight accommodation as all flights from Amman to Colombo are always full even through there are three flights a week.

This year there will be a large number of Palestinians visiting Sri Lanka mainly due to the promotion activities of the society and the unsettled situation in other travel destinations.

 Other than the tourists this year a number of officials visited Sri Lanka to attend seminars, workshops and for trade. This month a group of 38 football players visited Sri Lanka on the invitation of Sri Lanka Football Association. Another group of musicians will also be visiting Sri Lanka this month and they are expected to perform in Jaffina and Colombo. They have been invited by Mr. Harsha Kumara Nawaratna of Sewa Lanka Foundation.

Representative Office of Sri Lanka
Palestinian National Authority

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