Ifthar Gathering in Jakarta

Ifthar Gathering in Jakarta

1 lighting of the oil lamp

Continuing and strengthening the “Celebration of Diversity” initiative, Sri Lankans of all faiths living in Indonesia joined together at this year’s Ifthar gathering at the Embassy on 11th May 2019.

The event commenced with singing of National Anthem. Priest, community members including children and the staff of the Embassy joined the Ambassador to light the traditional oil lamp.

Ambassador addressed the gathering.

The priest blessed Sri Lanka, people and the Government.

A community member delivered a talk on Basics and Values of Islam. Breakfast was observed following Dua prayer led by a community member. Maghrib prayers were conducted.

The Sri Lankan community had made a significant financial contribution to the fund established for the relief for the victims of 21st April Easter Sunday terrorist bomb attacks.

Event concluded with Ifthar dinner.

The observance of Ifthar is part of “Celebration of Diversity” initiative launched by the Embassy in 2016 where the Sri Lankan community in Indonesia comes together to celebrate each others religious festivals-Vesak, Deepawali, Ifthar/Ramazan, Christmas- thus strengthening inter community relations and generating greater understanding of each other’s uniqueness and celebrating Sri Lanka’s wonderful diversity.

Embassy of Sri Lanka
17 May 2019
2 Lighting of the oil lamp 1 3 lighting of the oil lamp 2 4 lighting of the oil lamp 3 5 Ambassador addressed the gathering 6 Priest adddressed the gathering 7 speech on Basics and Values of Islam 8 Donation for charity fund for the victims of 21st Easter sunday attacks 9 Dua prayer conducted by SL community member 10 Maghrib prayers
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