Foreign Minister speaks on Counter terrorism: Sri Lanka experience at the Cairo University

Counter Terrorism: Sri Lanka’s Experience

Mr Chairman
Ladies and Gentlemen

I am delighted to have this opportunity to address you at the Asian Study Centre here in Cairo and to share my thoughts on the challenges Sri Lanka faces today. Yours is a highly reputed institute with a distinguished history as a centre of scholarly excellence and discourse and I thank you Mr Chairman for your invitation and kind words of introduction.

Sri Lanka as many of you are aware is one of Asia’s oldest functioning democracies. From the time we gained independence in 1948, a system of Parliamentary democracy has firmly taken root. Presently elections are held based on a system of proportional representation that is accommodative of minority communities. Our electoral tradition is sustained by a vibrant multi-party system. Elections have been held without interruption since independence and different political parties that have come to power have striven to introduce political and economic policies that have demonstrated sensitivity to the aspirations of our people.  Read More

Post Conflict Development: Efforts of a democracy

Mr Chairman
Ladies and Gentlemen:

I thank you Mr. Whalley for your kind words of introduction. I am delighted to have the opportunity once again to speak at the IISS. We hold in high esteem the work of IISS and consider it a privilege to be associated with your activities, in particular the Annual Shangri-La Dialogue which has become a global security summit with an extremely relevant agenda. I also take this opportunity to acknowledge the support extended by IISS over the years to the Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute of International Relations & Strategic Studies in Colombo. May I also thank Dr John Chipman, Director General and Mr Rahul Chaudhury of IISS for inviting me here this afternoon.
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