Sri Lanka Missions abroad celebrate 150th Years of Ceylon Tea

Sri Lanka Missions abroad celebrate 150th Years of Ceylon Tea

Over 37 Sri Lanka Missions abroad celebrated the 150th anniversary of Ceylon tea this month in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Tea Board and the Colombo Tea Traders’ Association under the aegis of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The globally known Ceylon tea first originated in Sri Lanka since the introduction of tea cultivation in 1867 by Scotsman named “James Tailor” who is known as the “Father of Tea”. With the passage of time, tea from Ceylon became a well-known name among the tea connoisseurs around the world. Sri Lanka’s unique tropical environment provides an ideal nursery for the tea plant with the abundance of rain. Particularly the black tea originated from Sri Lanka has earned a global reputation.

Sri Lanka’s tea has been recognized as an environmental friendly organic product as the tea industry in the country adheres to important global environment conventions and protocols including the Montreal Protocol to protect the Ozone Layer. Also Sri Lanka’s recognition in banning child labour in accordance with the FAO standards has been a positive factor to reach foreign tea markets.

Recent researches revealed that nearly 70% of the tea production in Sri Lanka comes from small scale farmers, and the production from large scale estates which were commenced during the colonial time are on the decline.

The concept of “Global Ceylon Tea Party” attracts many tea lovers in major cities hosted by the Sri Lankan Missions and some of the photographs here show this year’s global tea parties.

01.The Sri Lanka Embassy in Germany


H.E. Karunatilaka Amunugama, Ambassador with some dignitaries at the event

02. The Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka to the UN


H.E. Dr. Rohan Perera, Ambassador & Permanent Representative delivering the welcome address

03. The Embassy of Sri Lanka in France


H.E. Tilak Ranaviraja, Ambassador delivering a speech

04.The Sri Lanka High Commission In New Delhi


The gathering at the Sri Lankan High Commission, New Delhi

05. The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Brasilia


H.E. General Jagath Jayasuriya, the Ambassador addressing the gathering

06.Sri Lanka High Commission in Nigeria


H.E. Mr.Thambirajah Raveenthiran, High Commissioner addressing the Gathering

07.The Sri Lanka Consulate General in Dubai


Mr. Charitha Yattogoda, Consul General addressing the gathering

08.The Embassy of Sri Lanka in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


H.E. Azmi Thassim , Ambassador addressing the gathering

09.Sri Lanka High Commission in Canberra


H.E. Mr.S. Skandakumar, High Commissioner addressing the Gathering

10. The Sri Lanka High Commission In London


High Commissioner addressing the Guests

11. The Sri Lanka Embassy in Warsaw


 H.E. the Ambassador, Tissa Wijeratne addressing the Gathering

12. The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beijing


13. The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Jordan


H.E Mr Abdul Lateef Lafeer addressing the gathering

14. The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Bangkok


H.E Ms Kshenuka Seneviratne addressing the gathering

15. The Consulate General of Sri Lanka in Toronto


Consul General of Sri Lanka, Toronto Mr. U.L. Mohammed Jauhar addressed the gathering

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