Situation in the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan

Situation in the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan

Nevertheless, in the event of their being a high number of bookings, Sri Lankan Airlines has confirmed that they would schedule extra flights from Japan, starting possibly from the 16th of March 2011. The Ministry of External Affairs continues to be in close contact with the Sri Lanka Mission in Tokyo, with a view to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of Sri Lankans in Japan.

The Ministry has established an Information Desk which can be contacted on  011 4719593/011 5743362/ 0772267929 (24 hours).  Inquiries could also be made to the Sri Lankan Embassy in Tokyo on Tel: 0081 334406911/2

Ministry of External Affairs

16th March 2011

The Sri Lanka Embassy in Tokyo has informed that the Japanese Foreign Ministry at a briefing to the Diplomatic Corps last afternoon (15th March) has conveyed that there is no need for measures of an emergency nature, in the wake of the situation triggered by explosions following the earthquake at nuclear plants in the Fukushima area, approximately 200 kms north east of Tokyo. The Government of Japan is taking all necessary measures to manage the situation, including by cautioning the residents living within a radius of 30 kms from the nuclear facilities, to stay indoors.
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