Poson Celebrations in Ho Chi Minh City – Viet Nam

Poson Celebrations in Ho Chi Minh City – Viet Nam

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The Sri Lankan expatriate community in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam, together with members of Sri Lanka Sports Club (SSC), organized a Dhamma Sermon, Alms Giving and a Dansela in commemoration of the introduction of Buddhism to Sri Lanka by Arahant Mahinda on 14 June 2020. This day of Poson Poya is one of great significance to Buddhists worldwide, and was celebrated in Ho Chi Minh City for the sixth consecutive year.

The event was held at the Minh Dang Quang Temple at District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City, with the patronage of Most Ven. Minh Hoa Thero, Chief Incumbent of the temple. Over 300 Buddhist monks from Viet Nam also participated in the event.

Ven. Beragama Piyarathane Thero delivered a Dhamma Sermon via video call from Sri Lanka and led the religious activities, including Buddha Pooja, together with Most Ven. Minh Hoa Thero. The members of the expatriate community offered alms and pirikara to all Ven. monks.

The Poson Dansela offered rice, curry and refreshments to the congregation, other devotees visiting the temple and the community.

Embassy of Sri Lanka
Ha Noi
15 June 2020

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