Furtherance of Cooperation with Hainan Province in Southern China

Furtherance of Cooperation with Hainan Province in Southern China



On the invitation of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Hainan Province, Consul General of Sri Lanka, Priyangika Dharmasena with 72 Ambassadors, Consul Generals and diplomatic representatives from Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai visited Hainan province, referred as the ‘International Tourism Island’ from 12-15 August 2020.

The programme was organized to acquire a better understanding of the overall plan for the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port, with its zero tariff policy and other incentives and also to promote friendly exchanges and pragmatic cooperation between Hainan and other countries.

Hainan is a tropical island at the southernmost part of China and it is China’s second largest island after Taiwan. Hainan Province is considered China’s largest economic zone and consist of duty free shops for off shore visitors with attractive cash limits. The province also has a 30 day visa free entry for travelers of 59 countries, to boost tourism.

During the programme,   Consul General, Dharmasena met with government leaders of Hainan, prominent stakeholders on tourism, officials of the Foreign Affairs Office of Hainan and industry officials, and discussed on cooperation in different areas including tourism, trade and investment and also the furtherance of the existing sister city agreement. Haikou, capital of Hainan is referred to as the “coconut city’, and Hainan is the main area of production of coconuts in China. However, to meet the shortfall of coconuts and coconut based products in China, the province imports such items from South East Asia.

Considering Hainan’s shortage of coconuts and coconut based products, and Sri Lanka’s potential to export such items, Consul General Dharmasena emphasized the furtherance of cooperation in that area.

The delegation also visited important industries in Hainan province, including Science, yacht and tourism.

During the visit, Consul General Dharmasena was interviewed by Hainan Sansha Satellite TV, aired and published on ‘Hainan Daily’ elaborating for furtherance of cooperation in diverse areas, between Hainan and Sri Lanka.

Consulate General of Sri Lanka


24 August 2020

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