“Feathers in Colour”- insight into Bird Diversity in Sri Lanka

 “Feathers in Colour”- insight into Bird Diversity in Sri Lanka


An interactive session titled “Feathers in colour” - an insight into bird diversity in Sri Lanka - was presented by Rahula Perera, field biologist, trainer, nature photographer and nature based tourism promoter on 24 October at the Sri Lanka High Commission in Canberra. The talk was jointly organised by the High Commission and Aarunya Vacations (Pvt) Ltd.

High Commissioner Skandakumar introduced the speaker and also highlighted that Sri Lanka has been ranked the number 1 destination to visit by Lonely Planet.

The presentation by Mr. Perera included a number of colourful slides of bird life in Sri Lanka, with some rare captures of bird movement, fascinating description of bird behaviour, how rural communities interpret bird calls and information about endemic birds to the Island nation. He also shared his personal experiences in bird watching and photography of birds, particularly in the Sinharaja rain forest in Sri Lanka. During the discussion, the audience was able to seek in depth details about bird life in Sri Lanka and the peculiar behaviour of certain birds that caught their interest during the presentation.

Rahula Perera has over three decades of experience working in academic, private and development sectors as a field biologist, ecologist, trainer, and a nature based tourism product developer. He is an active member and a past President of the Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka and is also known as an excellent nature interpreter. He presently works as the Director for Planning and Development of Aarunya Vacations (Pvt) Ltd.

The audience comprised nature and bird enthusiasts, sustainable tourism promoters, students, and the general public with an interest in the subject.


Sri Lanka High Commission
24 October 2018
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