A large gathering of Sri Lankans attend Ramadan & Ifthar celebrations

A large gathering of Sri Lankans attend Ramadan & Ifthar celebrations


The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Kuwait together with Sri Lanka Manpower Association hosted Ramadan & Iftar celebrations at the Embassy premises from 11th – 12th September 2009.

The celebrations which began in the evening of 11th September continued till 4.00 a.m. the next morning with the participation of over 2000 Sri Lankans and foreign nationals belonging to different ethnic and religious denominations. Three distinguished Moulavis, namely, Ashshaikh Rizvi Mufti, President of Sri Lanka Jamiathul Ulama, Ashshaikh Mursith Moulvi, Lecturer of Humaithiyyah Arabic College, Ashshaikh Shuaib Moulvi of Sabeelur Rasath Arabic College have been specially flown-in from Sri Lanka for the occasion. The proceedings of the day which included special prayers, religious discourses, breaking fast, special Iftar, Suhur etc. have been conducted on a grand scale by the Moulavis. Special messages and sermons were delivered by them to invoke blessings on the devotees.

Moulavi Ashshaikh Rizvi Mufti offered prayers to the God and extended greetings to those present in the audience. While extending his appreciation to the Muslim community in Kuwait for the unity and spirit with which they have devoted themselves to practicing religious deeds, Moulavi underscored the relevance of Islamic philosophy for the spiritual enlightenment of individuals and society. The continuation of Ramadan & Ifthar traditions towards nurturing good deeds such as fasting, sharing of wealth, magnanimity, charity, compassion, kindness etc. have also been highlighted.

Ambassador Sarath Dissanayake, in a short speech delivered as the Chief Guest, welcomed the invitees for the celebrations and appreciated the commitment and support extended by the Manpower Welfare Association for the continuation and preservation of Islamic religious values among the Sri Lankan Muslim community in Kuwait. He said that such occasions would auger well to maintain peace and harmony among people with various socio religious backgrounds. Mr. Zain Milhan, President and the members of the Manpower Welfare Association organized the program with donations extended by members and well-wishers. The event provided an opportunity for the Embassy staff to interact with the community and get to know them better. The program was well received by all those present and paved the way for continuation of inter-religious and inter-ethnic harmony and friendship.

Sri Lanka Embassy in Kuwait
23rd September 2009.

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