The Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the Islamic Republic of Iran, G.M.V. Wishwanath Aponsu visited the Secretariat of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) in Tehran on 26th November 2023. The purpose of his visit was to understand the functioning of the ECO together with the success of ECO projects and explore the possibility of expanding the Sri Lanka’s relations with the West and Central Asia region under the ECO framework. The organization was initially founded by Turkey, Iran and Pakistan in 1964 and was established in 1985 to develop economic cooperation within the region comprising ten member states in West and South Asia, Caucuses and Central Asia.

Welcoming the visiting envoy, the ECO Secretary General Khusrav Noziri briefed on the activities, engagements and overall working of the organization and specially highlighted the ongoing projects of the member countries in the areas of trade, transport, energy, environment, tourism and social welfare. He expressed that the ECO pursues an open door policy in connection with its relations to interested countries, the regional and international organizations and explained the possibility for Sri Lanka to join with the organization as observer state or dialogue partner.

While thanking the Secretary General for his comprehensive briefing, Ambassador Wishwanath Aponsu appreciated the role of the ECO in promoting regional cooperation and expressed the interest of the Sri Lanka Embassy for developing cooperation with the aim of exploring possible opportunities for the mutual benefit. Underlining the ECO’s growing relations with various regional and international organizations, the Ambassador and the Secretary General discussed potential areas of cooperation and commonalities.

Chef de Cabinet of the Secretary General Osman Gundogdu was also associated with the discussion.

Embassy of Sri Lanka


30 November 2023

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