Vesak celebrations in Ottawa

Vesak celebrations in Ottawa

The Sri Lanka High Commission in Ottawa, Canada organized a spiritual programme to commemorate the birth, the enlightenment and the passing away of Lord Buddha under the theme "Serenity of the Mind" at the High Commission on 16 May 2023, with the participation of the staff.

Invited by the High Commission, Most Venerable Kekanadure Hemalankara Thero, Chief Incumbent, Ottawa Theravada Buddhist Viharaya, Most Venerable Nugegalayaye Jinananda Thero, Chief Incumbent, Hilda Jayawardenaramaya Buddhist Monastery and Venerable Mahagama Suneetha Thero conducted ‘Buddha vandana’, ‘Dhamma deshana’ and a pirith chanting highlighting the importance of Lord Buddha's teachings.

The High Commission premise was decorated with colorful Vesak lanterns made by the staff. The programme ended with offering alms to the Buddhist monks.

The High Commissioner and the staff also attended the Vesak Day celebrations organized by Buddhists Temples in Ottawa and celebrations organized by Member of Parliament of Canada at the Parliament Hill Chandra Arya.

High Commission of Sri Lanka


18 May 2023

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