High Commissioner Moragoda delivers lecture on Indo-Lanka relations at Ananta Center, New Delhi

High Commissioner Moragoda delivers lecture on Indo-Lanka relations at Ananta Center, New Delhi

Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to India Milinda Moragoda delivered a lecture on the topic “India-Sri Lanka Relations: Promoting Connectivity, Catalysing Prosperity” at the Ananta Centre, New Delhi on 30 August 2023, under the Centre’s Ambassador series.

Opening his remarks, High Commissioner Moragoda elaborated on the broad contours that define the unique characteristics of the past and present dynamics of Indo-Lanka relationship, and the way forward. He elaborated as to how the Indo-Lanka relationship has grown from a transactional perspective to a special relationship in recent years.

During the interactive session that followed the lecture, moderated by veteran journalist Nirupama Subramanian, the High Commissioner explained the current economic stabilization efforts underway in Sri Lanka, and emphasized that the future Indo-Lanka relationship would heavily focus on connectivity and investment founded on a promising economic integration road-map that was agreed upon during the recent visit of the Sri Lankan President to India.

High Commissioner Moragoda also emphasized the importance of driving the five key facets mapped in the ‘India-Sri Lanka Economic Partnership Vision’ document, and highlighted that they would remain as the key enablers in elevating the existing relationship into a new level.

Speaking of the regional dynamics and developments in the Indian Ocean, the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka stated that Sri Lanka is fully aware of the security concerns of India, and explained that Sri Lanka pays a great deal of attention towards the evolving scenarios in the Indian Ocean and the wider Indo-Pacific.

High Commissioner Moragoda also highlighted the key aspects stipulated in the Integrated Country Strategy launched in 2021 for Sri Lanka diplomatic Missions in India, and the progress on the realization of its objectives.

Chief Executive Officer of the Ananta Centre, Indrani Bagchi, members of the diplomatic community, officials of the Ananta Centre and members of the New Delhi based Think Tanks were also present at the event along with scholars and research personalities.

Ananta Centre is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization that focuses on value-based leadership development and open dialogue on important issues facing Indian society, to help foster its transformation. The organization serves to provide a platform and forum that engages civil society, businesses, governments and other stakeholders on issues of importance to India’s development and national security through ethical leadership and constructive dialogues.

High Commission of Sri Lanka

New Delhi

01 September 2023


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