Establishment of Student Registration Portal

Establishment of Student Registration Portal

 The Consulate General of Sri Lanka in Melbourne recently launched a Student Registration Portal for Sri Lankan students in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania addressing a long-standing need.

Most of the Sri Lankan students in Australia are studying in universities / institutions in three states coming under the Consular jurisdiction of the Consulate General in Melbourne i.e. Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. At present no centralized database providing details of the students in these three states are available. The Consulate General is of the view that creating a database of the students will facilitate to understand their situation as foreign students in Australia, assist them to find solutions and reach them faster to provide emergency consular assistance as and when required especially during difficult times such as the recent Covid-19 global pandemic.

This portal can be accessed through the official website of the Consulate General This portal was established to enhance the engagement of Sri Lankan students in the above three states and to ensure smooth and effective delivery of emergency Consular assistance on a priority basis in case of any emergency.

Consulate General of Sri Lanka


23 May 2023

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