Sri Lanka Embassy in Brussels celebrates Vesak

Sri Lanka Embassy in Brussels celebrates Vesak

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Brussels conducted a Vesak Day religious programme at the Official Residence on 30 May 2021 with the participation of Sri Lankan community in Belgium.

The Vesak Programme was presided by Venerable Kurunegala Anandagosa Thero from Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery in the Netherlands and Venerable Wisuddhi Chotipratoom Thero, Chief Incumbent of the Thai Dhammaram temple in Belgium. The programme included Buddha Vandana, Dhamma Deshana, Sangika Dhana, Sethpirith Chanting and singing of Bakthi Gee.

Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Belgium Grace Asirwatham while addressing the gathering said that the occasion of Vesak was a reminder of the timeless teachings of Lord Buddha and the responsibility on all of us to practice the universal message of compassion, love and peace.   Ambassador further said that the pandemic provoked humanity beyond measures, for the global community to come together to fight against COVID – 19 in order to save lives all around the world.   Ambassador expressed hope that the merits of religious offerings, pooja, chanting of pirith and meditations conducted to celebrate the Vesak day will also reach those who are in need of divine solace and blessings in the pandemic situation in Sri Lanka.

The staff of the Embassy performed Bakthi Gee highlighting the importance of Vesak.  The Embassy and Official Residence were decorated with Vesak lanterns, Buddhist flags and lights.

Embassy of Sri Lanka


03 June 2021

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