Embassy Promotes Sri Lankan Products in Jordan

Embassy Promotes Sri Lankan Products in Jordan


The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Amman participated in the annual Bazaar organised by the royal family of Jordan.  An elegant stall, flanked by Sri Lankan paraphernalia, was put up by the Embassy for the 8th  successive year, to promote varieties of Sri Lankan export products in Jordan.

The Sri Lankan stall exhibited world renowned Ceylon tea, coconut oil, Noritake porcelain products, traditional handicrafts, spices, rubber based items, Aurvedic herbal medicine and oils, Sri Lankan biscuits, powdered coconut milk, leather products, handlooms as well as natural Sri Lankan cosmetic products.

This event was one of the several steps taken by the Sri Lankan Mission to tap the Jordanian market and to introduce varieties of Sri Lankan export products.

Ceylon tea was the major attraction of the event. Sri Lanka currently exports tea worth of approximately US $ 40 million per annum to Jordan, which is the lion’s share of its total exports to the Hashemite Kingdom.

Aapart from flagship Ceylon tea, there was high demand for coconut oil, herbal oils, Ayurvedic medicines and other coconut products.

The Sri Lankan stall attracted thousands of visitors – Jordanians as well as expatriates, including members of the Jordan-based business community. HRH Princess Majda Raad and her husband HRH Prince Raad bin Zeid, (parents of Prince Zeid, the current United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights), spent a considerable amount of time at the Sri Lankan stall and spoke enthusiastically about the unique taste of Ceylon tea.  






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