Embassy of Sri Lanka in Indonesia celebrated Vesak

Embassy of Sri Lanka in Indonesia celebrated Vesak


Sri Lanka Embassy in Jakarta celebrated Vesak on Friday, 24th May by decorating the chancery premises with Buddhist flags and other decorations, illuminating Vesak lanterns and lighting oil lamps. The Embassy staff took initiative to organize a “poojawa” in the evening at the newly built Shrine Room in the Embassy premises.


Sri Lankan community living in Indonesia also participated at the “Poojawa” and following the Poojawa”, a video Dhamma Sermon of Ven. Borelle Athula Thero, was screened in the lobby of the Embassy. After the Dhamma Sermon, participants were served with “Dansala Meals” at the Embassy premises organized by the Sri Lankans in Jakarta.

As the official Vesak day in Indonesia fell on Saturday, 25th May, the Embassy Officials also participated in the Dhamma Sermon and Pooja Ceremony held at the Dhammachkkajaya Vihara in Jakarta along with Thai Embassy Officials which was attended by some 2000 Buddhists in Jakarta.

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