Visit Sri Lanka - The Irresistible Tourist Hotspot in the Middle of the Indian Ocean

Visit Sri Lanka – The Irresistible Tourist Hotspot in the Middle of the Indian Ocean

Addressing the Wenzhou International Import Expo, Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona, extolled the high quality of Sri Lanka's agricultural exports. Black tea which is, by far, the major agricultural import from Sri Lanka to China, is considered to be the cleanest tea in the world with hardly any chemical traces in it. Although generally referred to as black tea, there is variation in colour, flavour, intensity and aroma from region to region, just like wines differ from region to region and even from estate to estate. Surrounded by the clean waters of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka also produces excellent sea food, 29 varieties of which are already allowed entry to China. We are working to get more varieties of Sri Lankan sea foods allowed in to China, since the Chinese people consume large quantities of sea food, particularly during festive periods. Not to be missed would be Sri Lanka's coconut products, especially King Coconut water and health promoting coconut oil.

Using the opportunity to promote tourism to Sri Lanka, Ambassador Kohona said that with the expected easing of Chinese travel restrictions, and the winter's cold beginning to bite, now was a good time to explore travel options. With it's endless golden sun swept beaches, year round warm sea and must see giant whales, lush green forests with hundreds of peacefully frolicking elephants, whole mountain ranges covered by by aromatic tea bushes, ancient Buddhist religious sites including the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic of the Buddha in beautiful Kandy visited by thousands, and most importantly, the smiling and welcoming people, Sri Lanka must be an obvious choice. Major Chinese travel companies have already started discussions with the Embassy with a view to promoting Sri Lanka as a premier destination. We have a target of 1 million Chinese tourists once travel restrictions are relaxed.

Ambassador Kohona wished the Expo great success and invited the guests to visit the Sri Lanka pavilion to experience Sri Lanka's high quality products.

Embassy of Sri Lanka


21 November, 2022

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