Overseas Assets Management & Development

Overseas Assets Management & Development

The Overseas Assets Management & Development Division is mainly responsible to manage and develop overseas assets related to 60 Sri Lanka Diplomatic Missions / Posts abroad. Accordingly, under this main responsibility, this Division is widely engaged with, construction, rehabilitation and renovation of the Mission’s own properties, both movable and immovable, and maintenance of own and rented properties and logistical support to carry out diplomatic operations abroad. In addition, the Division handles IT-related matters in the Ministry and Sri Lanka Missions abroad with the recommendation of the IT Division.

Missions are further guided when purchasing capital items, ensuring durability and quality. The division also continues to observe that all Missions are adhering to follow all the regulations, guidelines and circulars relating to assets, VAT recoveries and other payments. Conducting analyses and issuing circulars from time to time is an important task of this division with a view to utilizing the Ministry’s funds in a productive manner.

Travel desk that functions under the OAM&D Division is responsible for all official visits of the Ministry VIPs and officials including visas, travel arrangements and payment of foreign allowances. The travel desk is further responsible for the issuance of TPNs requesting visas for diplomats and officials / the public. This Unit informs the flight details of such official & other visits to Sri Lanka Missions abroad, requesting assistance overseas.

The IT Division / Cypher Division is the main communication hub of the Ministry, connecting and communicating the Ministry with its all – Sri Lanka Missions abroad, outside Ministries and other government institutions and entities, etc. This Division is open for 365 days of the year and processes nearly 500 incoming and outgoing emails / faxes every day. Most of the communication is transmitted through emails now.

Security Mail Division is handling DPL pouches from and to relevant to 60 Mission / Posts. In addition, handling special DPL consignments containing medicine, too, is being done and the Division also distributes received documents to relevant Divisions.

Points of Contact

Director General

Name:  Ms. S.A.P. Pradeepa Saram
Telephone: +94 112 423 900
Fax: +94 112 424 689
Email: dgoamd(at)mfa.gov.lk

 Assistant Director

Name: Ms. Mihiravi Dissanayaka
+94 112 329 588

Head of Branch

Name: Ms. A. Dissanayake
Telephone: +94 112 328 127
Email: e6.oad(at)mfa.gov.lk

Personal Assistant to DG

Name: Ms. Camalie Jayawardane
+94 112 424 689

Head of Security Mail Unit

Name: Mr. Gamitha Rajapaksha
Telephone: +94 112 328 671
Email: smail(at)mfa.gov.lk

Head of Travel Unit

Name: Ms. Reziya Nizamdeen
Telephone: +94 112 328 753
Email: travel(at)mfa.gov.lk

Head of Cypher Unit

Telephone: +94 112 323 015
Fax: +94 112 333 450
         +94 112 446 091
          +94 112 430 220
Email: cypher(at)mfa.gov.lk