General Administration Division

General Administration Division

The General Administration Division (GAD) is responsible for all matters related to Personnel Administration of the Ministry, other than officers of the Sri Lanka Foreign Service (SLFS) and mission cadre. Apart from the above, it undertakes matters related to the maintenance of office premises and official quarters; procurement of goods and services required to the Ministry and Sri Lankan Missions abroad; Maintenance of Stores and assets inventory control; logistics and vehicle fleet management; and provision of utility services. The GAD also handles the correspondence with other public institutions, including the Parliamentary and Cabinet affairs  Operation of Translation unit; Provision of ICT infrastructure for all Divisions of the Ministry; Handling postage (local & mission); Management of Library and Record room; Coordinating with the Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute of International Relations and Strategic Studies (LKI) and Bandaranaike International Diplomatic Training Institute (BIDTI) in respect of administrative matters of the said institutions. 

Points of Contact

Director General

Name: Mr. Aruna Devendra
Telephone: +94 11 2 334 571
Fax: +94 11 2 327 019
Email: dgadmin(at) 


Name: Ms. Manisha P. Perera
Telephone: +94 113 137 185
Email: manisha.perera(at)

Assistant Director

Name: Ms. S.M.N.A. Samaraweera
Telephone: +94 117 711 176
Email:  anushka.samaraweera(at)

Assistant Director

Name: Ms. Thanishka Vasantharajah
Telephone: +94 112 333 449
Email:  thanishka.vasantharajah(at)

Assistant Director

Name: Mr. P.N.S.K. Perera
Email: saman.perera(at)

Assistant Director/ICT

Name:Ms. Aloka Gnanasekara
Email: aloka.gnanasekara(at)

Administrative Officer

Name: Ms. N.N. Ranasinghe
Email: ao(at)

Administrative Officer (Cover Up)

Name: Mr. Indika Wijesinghe
Telephone: +94 115 921 149
Email: ao(at)

Head of Branch - Admin

Name: Ms. Chandani de Silva
Telephone: +94 11 7 711 169
Fax:+94 112 327019 
Email: hob.admin(at)

Head of Branch - Maintenance

Name: Ms. T.C. Seram
Telephone: +94 11 5 837 589
Email: maintenance(at)

Head of Branch - Postal Dispatch

Name: Ms. M.T.F. Muneera
Telephone: +94 11 2 324 119
Email: dispatch(at)

Head of Branch - Transport

Name: Mr. S.A. Rasheed
Telephone: +94 11 2 437 044
Email: transport(at)

Head of Branch - Stores

Name: Mr. Prasad Wijeweera
Telephone: +94 11 2 320 798
Fax: +94 11 2 320 798
Email: stores(at)