United Nations and Human Rights Division

The United Nations, Human Rights and Multilateral Treaties & Commitments Division

Two Permanent Missions in New York and Geneva and six resident Missions in Vienna, Paris, Rome, Nairobi, Bangkok and The Hague come under the purview of this Division, in the context of multilateral relations.  The Division also works in close coordination with local line ministries/departments and agencies, UN agencies represented in Sri Lanka, international and local non-governmental organizations, civil society groups, and experts to promote and protect Sri Lanka’s interests, and contribute to the norm setting and other processes within the UN systems and procedures.

In advancing collective interests of the developing countries, Sri Lanka also works in cooperation with like –minded regional groups within the UN, including the NAM, G-77 + China and G-21.

Points of Contact

Actg. Director General

Name: Ms. Dayani Mendis
Telephone: +94 112 445 264
Fax: +94 112 323 228
Email: dgun(at)mfa.gov.lk


Name: Ms. Dilini Gunasekera
Telephone: +94 112 343 196
Email: dilini.gunasekera(at)mfa.gov.lk

Deputy Director

Name: Ms. S.R.S. De Silva

Deputy Director

Name: Ms. Subhasini Silva
Telephone: +94 112 328 947
Email: subashini.Silva(at)mfa.gov.lk

Assistant Director

Name: Mr. Mahesh Mahakumarage
Telephone: +94 112 423 208
Email: mahesh.mahakumarage(at)mfa.gov.lk

Assistant Director

Name: Ms. Dinushi Rupathunga
Email: dinushi.rupathunga(at)mfa.gov.lk

Head of Branch

Name: Ms. A.P.N. Dilhani
Telephone: +94 112 327 013
Fax: +94 112 323 228
Email: un(at)mfa.gov.lk 

Personal Assistant to DG

Name: Ms. Ruwnthi Dissanayake
Telephone: +94 112 445 264