Internal Audit & Investigation Division

Internal Audit Division


Monitor and evaluate the Internal Control mechanism of the Ministry, Sri Lanka Missions/ Posts abroad and other institutions coming under the purview of the Ministry and provide the strategic apex with the guidance on overall performance and compliance.

Key Functions

  1. Conducting Internal Audits in all kind of divisions, institutions under the Ministry of Foreign Relations and Internal Audit inspections of Sri Lanka Missions/Posts abroad.
  2. Coordinating the compilation of replies to the queries issued by National Audit Office.
  3. Coordinating of COPA issues and taking follow up corrective actions.
  4. Audit and Management Committee Meetings being convened (chaired by Secretary / Foreign relations).
  5. Conducting special investigations according to the guidance of Secretary /Foreign Relations.

Points of Contact

Chief Internal Auditor

Name: Mr. A.M.W.N. Peiris
Telephone: +94 11 2 445 827
Fax: +94 112 334 319
Email: cia(at)

Head of Branch

Name: Mrs. G.T. Kumanayake
Telephone: +94 11 2 334 319
Fax: +94 112 334 319
Email: auditin(at)