Performance Review & Implementation Division (PR&I)

Performance Review & Implementation Division (PR&I)

The Performance Review and Implementation Division which was established in January 2023, is mandated with the following functions of the Ministry:

      i. Preparation of Annual Action Plan as well as Annual Performance Report of the Ministry and their timely submission to the relevant authorities.

     ii. Preparation of quarterly reports on the performance of the Ministry under the Key Results Areas (KRAs) in coordination with 23 Territorial, Cross-cutting and Operational Divisions of the Ministry as well as 60 Sri Lanka Missions/Posts abroad, and evaluating the achievement of the targets identified.

     iii. Assisting the Ministry in evaluating the implementation of the Ministry Action Plans and Reforms.

     iv. Monitoring the status of Treaties and Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) to be signed with the foreign nations and the implementation of signed Treaties and MoUs.

     v. Coordinating the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Consultative Committee Meeting, COPA and other related Audit and Finance Meetings.

    vi. Handling the functions of the Emergency Response Unit of the Ministry.

Points of Contact

Additional Secretary Consular Affairs, Performance Review & Implementation and Africa

Name:  O.L. Ameerajward
Telephone:+94 112 323 804
Email: dgpri(at) 


Name: Nilusha Dilmini
Email: nilusha.dilmini(at) 

Personal Assistant to DG

Telephone:+94 113 620 720
Email: dgpri(at)