Public Diplomacy and Spokesperson

Public Diplomacy

The Public Diplomacy Division (PD) acts as the Ministry’s interface between the Government and external actors in terms of information dissemination and projection of Sri Lanka’s image as well as promotion of its interests abroad through the Sri Lanka Missions and the international media.  The Division also covers events/situations that take place in the Ministry and the country in general, related to Sri Lanka’s foreign policy and also coverage in international media.

The main subjects that come under the purview of the Public Diplomacy Division include projection of the Government view point and the position on relevant issues of national interest, responding to media queries on aspects related to the Ministry and matters related to Sri Lanka’s foreign policy / international relations, liaising with local and foreign media and monitoring and countering adverse news items related to Sri Lanka in foreign media/social media and compilation of Local News Round-up through local print media to be disseminated among all Missions and officials.

Points of Contact

Actg. Director General & Spokesperson

Name: Ms. Ruwanthi Delpitiya
Telephone: +94 112439040
Email: ruwanthi.delpitiya(at)

Deputy  Director

Name: Mr. Dhawood Amanulla
Telephone: +94  112 473 946
Email: dhawood.amanullah(at)

Assistant  Director

Name: Ms. Sanju Dasanayake
Telephone: +94  112 473 944
Email: Sanju.dasanayaka(at)

Assistant Director

Head of Branch

Name: Mr. Shantha Seneviratne
Telephone: +94 112 437 633
E-mail: publicity(at)

Personal Assistant to DG

Name: Ms. Champa Gunawardhana
Telephone: +94 112 439 040
Fax: +94 112 472 488