International Security Cooperation

International Security Cooperation Division

International Security  cooperation Division is the focal point of the Ministry of Foreign Relations on defence and security matters that relate to Sri Lanka in the international sphere. In this regard, the Division supports the defence establishment in coordinating and cooperating with the international community in combatting threats to Sri Lanka’s security, including separatist terrorism, violent extremism and drug trafficking, among others.

This includes the following key activities,

  • Coordinate between Sri Lanka’s defence and law enforcement agencies and Sri Lanka Missions Overseas, Foreign Missions in Sri Lanka and international entities and agencies in matters related to the safety and security of the country
  • Coordinate with local agencies on defence cooperation matters and initiatives to be undertaken with foreign countries and entities
  • Contribute to the agenda for discussions and expansion of engagement in this sector in bilateral relations through the relevant Political desks of the Ministry
  • Support the maintenance of the proscription listing of terrorist groups that threaten the security of Sri Lanka
  • Liaise with local defence and legal authorities in keeping our Missions abroad updated on local developments
  • Monitoring and assisting in ongoing cases abroad related to Sri Lankans who have engaged in terrorist activities in Sri Lanka, as required and requested
  • Assisting in operations related to extradition of Sri Lankans who are wanted by local authorities in coordination with Sri Lanka Missions abroad

Coordinating with foreign entities and countries in securing training opportunities to develop the capacities of defence and law enforcement authorities in areas identified

Points of Contact

Director General

  Telephone: +94 112 437 634 Fax:  Email: kapila.fonseka(at)


Name:Mr. Chatura Perera
+94 112 338 317


Head of Branch

Name: Mrs. U.A. Ranasinghe
Telephone: +94 112 432 403
Fax: +94 112 432 403
Email: ctu(at)