Webinar on “Market Opportunities and Strategies for Successful Market Entry to Brazil”.

Webinar on “Market Opportunities and Strategies for Successful Market Entry to Brazil”.

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Brazil, in collaboration with the Export Development Board (EDB) and the Department of Commerce of Sri Lanka, organized a webinar on 15 September 2020 on `` Market Opportunities and Strategies for Successful Market Entry to Brazil´´ aimed at introducing the Brazilian market to potential exporters in Sri Lanka and supporting them to identify available opportunities and strategies to market penetration.

The webinar was attended by over 40 Sri Lankan exporters while the EDB video upload was watched by over 1600 viewers. Director of the Market promotion division Anoma Premathilake delivering the welcome remarks, highlighted the importance of organizing this webinar as Sri Lanka´s trade presence in Latin American region is very limited. During the keynote speech Ambassador Musthafa M. Jaffeer, emphasized the necessity of active engagement of Sri Lankan companies in the Latin American  region to gain market access for Sri Lankan exports.

The existing trade volume and market share of exports from  other Asian countries to the Latin American Region, particularly to Brazil, are very high  when compared to Sri Lanka, though many of them face similar market condition, level playing field and same tariff rates. Considering the importance of building close linkages with Brazil, as the 9th largest economy of the world, Ambassador Jaffeer highlighted the Embassy´s priorities which focus on  assessing and addressing the structural trade issues, such as Tariff and non-Tariff barriers, carrying out market analysis and identify potential export products for Sri Lanka in the region in addition to providing proactive trade facilitation, trade promotion services to exporters in finding suitable business contacts and market opportunities.

The Resource person of this webinar, Maurício Manfré delivered his presentation covering key areas of the Brazilian market including, available Market opportunities in Brazil for Sri Lanka, Market barriers and other impediments/ challenges, required standards, certifications and information on the relevant authorities, strategies for successful business, business culture (negotiation/communication strategies), and suggestions and recommendations on the best suitable ways for the market penetration. Mr. Manfre is the Executive Director of the Ultrameres Brazil who has 30 years of experience in international Business and law. He was the former Head of the Business Directorate Cabinet which is responsible for export promotion, strategic intelligence and attracting foreign investments through their representative offices abroad in Brazilian Export Promotion Agency (APEX) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil.

At the Q & A session, that followed after the presentation , helped  to address many questions raised by the companies on practical issues encountered by them while highlighting marked  difference of Brazilian import rules and regulations as opposed  to other major markets.

During the webinar, Sri Lankan companies were also encouraged to adapt innovative ways to market penetration, not only by looking for importers, but by initiating join ventures, business collaboration and partnerships with Brazilian companies  that will greatly facilitate market access to MERCOSUR region.

Embassy of Sri Lanka


24 September 2020

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