Ten-Year Remembrance of Great East Japan Earthquake

Ten-Year Remembrance of Great East Japan Earthquake

Sri Lanka Embassy in Tokyo together with the community organized a special remembrance ceremony to mark the ten-year anniversary and bless the victims & survivors of Great East Japan Earthquake on 11 March 2021 at Sawara Lankaji Temple. The devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 9.3 followed by a tsunami and as a result a radiation leakage at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima caused the demise of approximately 20,000 innocent lives with much physical and human damage to Japan.

Sri Lankan Embassy in Japan with the coordination of the Sri Lankan community, Sri Lankan Associations, Sri Lankan Temples and Japanese friends of Sri Lanka organized a remembrance memorial ceremony that was attended by over 100 guests.  Over 15 Buddhist monks from Sri Lankan and Japanese Temples, media and television personnel participated at this event.  It is notable to mention most of the professional services including refreshments were volunteered and donated by the Sri Lankan community living in Japan.

The Ambassador Sanjiv Gunasekara mentioned how the relief efforts were coordinated after the devastation by the Sri Lankan Mission 10 years ago. Ambassador explained how the Mission staff and volunteers were mobilized to the disaster areas to distribute essentials and cook hot Sri Lankan meals using mobile kitchens to the affected Japanese people during the months after. The Ambassador recalled the Government’s airlifting 3 million bags of pure Sri Lankan tea and monies gifted to the Japanese Red Cross. He also mentioned the special Tri Forces volunteer team that was sent by the Government of Sri Lanka and spent over a month working in the disaster areas.

The Ambassador also recalled the generous Japanese assistance given to Sri Lanka and its people after the Tsunami devastation in December 2004.   He specially mentioned the early warning tsunami system that was gifted by Japan to Sri Lanka.  The Ambassador emphasized the special relationship Sri Lanka and Japan enjoys due to the many historical milestones the two countries have shared standing together during diversity. He also mentioned the cultural, religious and values of hospitality and kindness that are common to the people of two countries which make this relationship unique.

The Ambassador and Japanese guests laid flowers in memory of the victims and Buddhists priests conducted a special sermon during the event. The event was telecasted through Sri Lanka Embassy, Japans Face Book Live and other media channels.

Sri Lanka Embassy

14 March 2021

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