Documents related to Business / Companies

a.    Certificate of Registration of a Company

Originals with a certified true copy taken recently from Registrar of Companies or a photo copy with recently paid tax receipt with the original documents should produce for attestation. Form-20 certified by the Company registrar is also needed as supporting document to verify the signatory authority of the company.

b.    Certificate of Individual Business Registration

To attest the Certificate of Individual Business Registration, applicants needed to submit the original with the certified copy issued by the Divisional Secretariat or Provincial Company Registrar along with the recently paid cash receipts.

c.    Articles of Association or Board Resolutions

To Attest the Article of Association of a Company or Board Resolutions of a Company, following two options could be followed by the applicants;

  • Article of Association of a Company or Board Resolutions of a Company should register /record at the Registrar of the Companies and certified True Copy of the registered/ recorded document should produce for attestation.


  • Applicants are needed to submit the Original Article of Association or Board Resolution signed by the members of the Board in front of the Legal Officer of the Company/Company Secretary (an Attorney-at-Law) along with the certification of the Supreme Court.

Note: Company Registration Certificate and the Form 20 should be submitted as supporting documents for both options.

d.    Form 20

To attest the Form 20 of a Company, applicants are needed to submit a Certified True copy of the Form 20 document issued by the Registrar of Companies.

Note: Company Registration Certificate should be submitted as supporting documents

e.    Audited Accounts Reports

Audited Accounts Reports of a Company should signed by a Chartered Accountant and his/her authenticity must be certified by his/her licensing authority. (e.g. Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka etc)


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