Certificates of Births, Marriages and Deaths

Kindly note: For general instructions on authenticating your documents, please click here.

  • The Birth, Marriages and Death certificates issued prior to 01 January 2008 will be accepted to attestation only if the original document obtained from the original registry or the data system of the District Registrar’s Office of the Divisional Secretariat and certified by the District Registrar either on 01 January 2008 or thereafter. It is necessary to note that the meaning of ‘Original Copy’ is NOT the document handed over to the applicant by the Registrar who registers the Birth, Marriage or Death at the time of the incident occurred. BUT the Certified true copy issued by the district registrar which is obtained from the Data Base or Official Registry after the Birth, Marriage or Death registered at the office of the District Registrar. (The document issued at the time of registering Birth, Marriage or Death, could be considered for attestation if, the document has been re-certified by the District Registrar as a true copy.)
  • Documents pertaining to ‘Nil Results’ of search will be accepted for attestation only after ascertaining that such data had not been recorded in a register in any District Registrar’s Office or in the Central Record Room of the Registrar General’s Department at Maligawatte in Colombo. It should be certified that the second copy of the document also not available.
  • Muslim Divorce Certificates should be certified by an authorized officer of the Divisional Secretariat relevant to the Quasi Court which the divorce order issued.


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