Certificate for Confirmation of the Unmarried Status

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  • An affidavit for unmarried status can be presented only by the prospective applicant who intends to get married, his/her mother or father and brothers and sisters of the same family. It is essential to indicate the passport number of the prospective applicant in the affidavit. (Unmarried certificates for foreign nationals are not accepted for attestation)
  • Only the facts that the prospective applicant for marriage has remained unmarried in Sri Lanka, no legal obstacles to getting married and the family relationships of the prospective applicant for marriage should be included in this affidavit. This affidavit should declare in front of an Attorney at Law or Justice of Peace.
  • The affidavit should be certified by the registrar of the Supreme Court if it signed by an Attorney-at-Law or by an authorized officer of the Justice of Peace branch of the Ministry of Justice if a Justice of Peace has signed it.
    • A true copy of the valid passport belonging to the prospective applicant for marriage should be presented with the affidavit.
  • The Sri Lankan citizens who are living in abroad could declare this affidavit at the Sri Lankan Diplomatic Mission of such country, in front of an authorized officer under the Consular Act.
  • Specimen of such affidavit could be downloaded from the web site of this office or could be copied from the Notice Board of this office.


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