Ambassador Jayatilleka holds discussion at the world’s oldest Diplomatic Academy

Ambassador Jayatilleka holds discussion at the world’s oldest Diplomatic Academy


On February 26, 2019 Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka to the Russian Federation H. E. Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka and Madame Sanja Jayatilleka met with the Rector’s staff of the Russian Foreign Ministry Diplomatic Academy. Founded in 1934 by Stalin’s Foreign Minister Maxim Litvinov, the Academy is the oldest diplomatic educational institution in the world. The Academy in Moscow from the moment of its foundation did not focus on foreign languages only, but offered courses on the broadest range of subjects related to the diplomatic service. It is renowned for its unique multidisciplinary academic and research activities, educating career diplomats, and offering professional development training and refresher courses for the diplomats in active service, providing scientific and political support for the Russian Foreign Policy decision-making, and promoting Russia’s interests and role on the world arena.

Ambassador Jayatilleka and Madame Jayatilleka were received by the 1st Vice-Rector of the Diplomatic Academy Prof. Tatiana Zakaurtseva, Doctor in History and renowned specialist in the modern and contemporary history of the USA, theory and history of the international relations, modern foreign policy of the Russian Federation, and regional issues of Eurasia. Prof. Zakaurtseva was decorated with the Medal of the Order for Merit to the Fatherland, 2nd class.

The Diplomatic Academy was also represented by Vice-Rector for Research Prof. Oleg Ivanov, Doctor in Political Science, and Aide to Rector Prof. Oleg Karpovich, holder of Doctoral degrees in History and Law.

Ambassador Jayatilleka and Prof. Zakaurtseva had a substantive discussion of the role of diplomats in today’s world, and the current political situation. Negotiators, managers, or even ‘gladiators’ in the world political arena — diplomats are very important for every country. Dr. Jayatilleka noted that the establishment of such diplomatic institutions as Diplomatic academy in 1934, and MGIMO (Moscow State Institute of International Relations) in 1944, may be viewed as Russia’s response to the changes on the international arena in those years. Prof. Zakaurtseva stressed that the goal of the Diplomatic Academy has always been to prepare the diplomats to play a stabilizing role in the world affairs, to promote the unchanging principles of Russia’s Foreign Policy – stability, peace, preventing aggression, and defending its territory. Therefore, Russian future diplomats are trained to be negotiators, creators, and analysts. Prof. Oleg Ivanov added that while the Diplomatic Academy with its research centers provides analyses for the Foreign Ministry of Russia, being an academic institution gives them the freedom of scientific research and opportunities to think, discuss, criticize, and come up with new ideas and proposals.

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka as an Ambassador and political scientist was invited by the First Vice-Rector of the Academy to deliver a lecture for their students and academic staff.  The Ambassador was also invited to attend a meeting of the Diplomatic Club, affiliated with the MFA Diplomatic Academy.



Embassy of Sri Lanka
Russian Federation
26 February 2019



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