Ambassador Azeez Emphasizes the Importance of IP for Sustainable Development

Ambassador Azeez Emphasizes the Importance of IP for Sustainable Development



Addressing the 58th Session Series of Meetings of the WIPO General Assemblies today, 24 September 2018, Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka to the UN in Geneva Ambassador A.L.A. Azeez, stated that WIPO is pivotal to a rule-based global order built on sustainable peace and shared progress and prosperity.  Speaking further he said “we should continue to strive together to make this vision a reality. Sri Lanka looks forward to proactively contributing to the effective realization of that vision, ensuring rich dividends of IP for its people”.

Ambassador Azeez stressed the importance of IP for economic development with its potential to uplift the lives of millions. Referring to reconciliation, peace-building and economic development in Sri Lanka, the Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka stressed “the continuation of targeted empowerment efforts, particularly since 2015” has “resulted in more and more innovations enjoying IP protection” while unleashing the potential for innovation among youth and women in all regions of Sri Lanka.

However, while advantages abounded, challenges too remained, he noted, highlighting the requirement for a more balanced representation of regions in the composition of the WIPO Governing Bodies, which is more pronounced today.

Emphasizing the need for a fair and balanced Intellectual Property system for economic development, Ambassador Azeez urged sustained efforts in mainstreaming the Development Agenda into WIPO’s work are vital for the long term relevance and success of the Organization.

Sri Lanka also expressed appreciation for WIPO’s valuable assistance in implementing the 10 Point Action Plan for cooperation in the field of IP which has brought tangible benefits to Sri Lanka including capacity building, expertise and guidance of WIPO.

Director General of the National Intellectual Property Office of Sri Lanka, Mrs. Geethanjali Ranawaka and Minister Counsellor Ms. Shashika Somaratne also participated in this session. WIPO General Assemblies will continue from 24 September to 2 October 2018 in Geneva.



Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka
25 September 2018


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