Sri Lankan Envoy Conducts Trade Talks With Colombia

Sri Lankan Envoy Conducts Trade Talks With Colombia

The Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the Republic of Colombia Sumith Dassanayake, during his official visit to Bogota, Colombia made a visit to the Head Quarters of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce in Colombia and had a meeting with the Vice-President of International Affairs and Cooperation of the Chamber Maria Monica Conde Barragan on 10 November 2023.

The Bogota Chamber of Commerce is the leading Trade Chamber in Colombia with a membership of 550000 registered companies and over 97% of the total membership representing SME enterprises. Welcoming the Ambassador Dassanayake, the Vice-President informed that the visit of the envoy is historical as it was the first ever visit by a representative of Sri Lanka to the Head Quarters of the Chamber .

The discussion centered on further expansion of trade and economic relations between Sri Lanka and Colombia for mutual benefits. Ambassador Dassanyake explored the possibility of the Bogota Chamber of Commerce entering into an agreement with a leading trade chamber in Sri Lanka with a view to have a formalized mechanism to elevate trade and economic relations between the two countries. Accepting the proposal, the Vice-President handed over a copy of a draft agreement to the ambassador for favourable consideration of the Sri Lankan side.

Elaborating on the investment opportunities in Sri Lanka, ambassador Dassanayake welcomed investments by Colombian investors in the Colombo Port City and at the Hambanthota Port Zone which would provide enormous opportunities and also an easy access to Far East Asia, Middle East and Africa to Colombian products. The Ambassador also sought the possibility of obtaining opportunities for Sri Lankans in the ITC and other related sectors as there is a high demand in Colombia.

The Sri Lankan envoy also had a meeting with the Chairman of the largest tour agency in Colombia (AVIATUR) Pedro Nel Hamon Pinzon, with a view to attracting Colombian tourists to Sri Lanka. Ambassador Dassanayake assured the Chairman of AVIATUR to introduce leading Sri Lankan tour operators to cooperator with AVIATUR.

Ambassador Dassanyake also had a meeting with the Director General for Economic, Social and Environmental Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia Ambassador Constanza Bejarano and highlighted the importance of establishment of a Joint Commission on Trade and Economic Affairs between Sri Lanka and Colombia, at the earliest, for the benefit of business communities of the two countries.

Embassy of Sri Lanka


20 November 2023


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