General Assembly speech : President addresses:

General Assembly speech : President addresses:


Unequal treatment has surprised many countries:

World needs no policing by a few states:

The disproportionate emphasis on Sri Lanka and the unequal treatment through the multi-lateral framework in spite of the visible progress made and consistent engagement with UN mechanisms has surprised many countries, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said, adressing the UN General Assembly.

He said, the basis of this relentless pursuit is also questioned. It is his conviction that the UN system should be astute to 'ensure consistency of standards applied so that there is no room for suspicion of manipulation of the UN system by interested parties to fulfill their agendas', he said.

In the speech that hit hard at transgressions of UN Security Council authority, made at the 68th Sessions of the UN General Assembly in New York, the President said the world 'needs no policing by a few states particularly, when the UN is mandated to ensure international security, through multi-lateral engagement.'

"It is disturbing to observe the growing trend in the international arena, of interference by some, in the internal matters of developing countries, in the guise of security, and guardians of human rights. Therefore, we continue to witness agitations the world over, leading to violence and forcing political change accompanied by turmoil," the President said.

Imposing democracy on countries have destabilized them, he said, and added that unilateral action erodes the authority of the UN Security Council.

The world needs no policing by states he added, and stated that the opportunity (to vote) that the people of the Northern province enjoyed at the recently concluded election underlined the process of addressing issues of development and reconciliation.

He added: "It is timely to contemplate whether such movements have led to better stability in these countries, or produced different results, due to inappropriate external factors. In fact, the positive outcomes envisaged by those responsible have not come to pass, but indeed contributed to making those countries unstable. Does this not erode the authority of the Security Council because of unilateral or group actions?

"Deepening uncertainties in the Middle East are disturbing.

We wait for Palestine and Israel to co-exist on the basis of pre - 1967 borders. Sri Lanka looks forward to welcoming Palestine as a full member of the UN. We salute the people of Africa in their efforts to achieve better living conditions and economic prosperity. Sri Lanka continues to demonstrate solidarity with the African people, in their pursuit of further socio-economic growth. Unilateral measures such as embargoes and economic sanctions, imposed on countries are disturbing.

Such initiatives bring suffering not only to those specifically targeted but also to a wide range of humanity without any justification. Yet again, I stand in support of the people of Cuba in overcoming economic hardships and full access to economic opportunity.

"Permit me to consider briefly the post-conflict developments in my own country. I am proud that Sri Lanka has eradicated separatist terrorism, spanning three decades, and is in the process of addressing the issues of development and reconciliation. Sri Lanka's government, at all times responsive to the priorities reflected in public opinion, is engaged in all measures required for meaningful progress in these fields.

"A significant event in this regard is the opportunity, which the people of the Northern Province enjoyed at the elections, held three days ago, to elect their representatives in the Provincial Council.

It is a matter of legitimate satisfaction to me that this was made possible after the lapse of almost a quarter of a century.

There can be no doubt regarding the crucial importance of this measure in the context of political empowerment and reconciliation.

It is clearly the responsibility of the international community to assist with these efforts and to ensure their success for the benefit of all the people of Sri Lanka".

Source-: Daily News


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