Ceylon Teas are Now Available at the Ambassador Duty-Free in Pretoria  

Ceylon Teas are Now Available at the Ambassador Duty-Free in Pretoria  

It was a great pleasure to announce that the “Pure Ceylon Tea” is now available at Ambassador Duty-Free in Pretoria, South Africa. This is a symbolic victory of Pure Ceylon Tea in Southern Africa. Sri Lanka Cricket and Ceylon Teas are the two master envoys well representing in the Southern African Region.

Sri Lanka High Commission in South Africa organized a brand re-launching ceremony for Ceylon Teas in collaboration with Sri Lanka Tea Board, Dilmah and Basilur in March 2021 targeting the diplomatic community in Pretoria. This campaign was specially focused on 2000+ diplomats working in 135 missions and UN agencies in Pretoria. Through the coordination of the Mission, Dilmah introduced a range of products to the Duty-Free Outlet in Pretoria. This creates an opportunity to taste a world-class brand of single country tea to the diplomatic community and the UN agents.

The average total consumption of Black Tea in South Africa is 27,000 metric tons per year while Sri Lanka is contributing 10% of the total demand. The hot beverage market in South Africa is worth USD 600 million per annum and the Black Tea owns 5.8% of the market.

Except Sri Lanka, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Kenya are the top tea exporting countries to South Africa altogether export 14,000 to 18,000 Metric Tons per year. Five Roses is the top tea brand in South Africa, having more than 50% of the market share, which produces several tea varieties including the Ceylon Blend and Pure Ceylon Breakfast Tea.

The key challenge faced by Ceylon Tea in the Southern African region is the low consumer interest dominating the hot beverage market and the Coffee is catering to a significant part of the market. Therefore to penetrate the beverage market, it is necessary to do strategic promotions to uplift the interests of the different consumer groups. Increasing per capita income in this region may open the new market segments for value-added teas and the changing lifestyles adapt the attractive/different products quickly. The tourism industry should be the next target market for Ceylon Teas which accounts for 25 million annual arrivals.

High Commission of Sri Lanka


08 June, 2021

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